• With 2 Locations Serving Corpus Christi for Over 9 years!

    We are the Only Classic Video Game Store that Offers a One-Year Warranty on our Professionally Hand-Restored Systems & Games.

  • End of Summer Sega Sale~!

    Hey guys and gals, just wanted to let you know that we just finished restoring a lot of consoles!

    So, to kick off the excitement, we decided to put some of our favorite consoles on sale!  Dreamcast are difficult to get with a working laser, but now you can get one with a warranty at 50% off!  This offer is available at both locations, in store only.  Supplies are limited, so the sale will last as long as we have stock.  Now is the time to strike if you want to explore these great consoles.

    I love my Sega consoles, all that sweet Sonic the Hedgehog music makes me happy~


  • Street Fighter V Beta Event


    If you’re a fan of Street Fighter you know Capcom will be releasing Street Fighter V on the PS4 next year!  Play Again is excited to host a Street Fighter V Beta event this month for our fighting game community.  Come play Street Fighter V nearly a year before release and join our classic Super Street Fighter 2 tournament!  

    Update: Event begins at 5:30 P.M. on July 24th! SF2 Tournament Starts at 7:00 P.M. 

    Click here for details

  • Hi everyone, this website is coming along and will be done soon.  We will be adding a category or two that we think you might like.  After the current pages are constructed we will be adding a D.I.Y. page that will help you keep your systems and games working while providing you with some articles debunking some ridiculous repair myths that exist out in the internet.