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  • Holiday Events

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    If you are reading this you are invited to come check out our event this Saturday Dec. 19th there will be event during the day for younger kids and games, tournaments and prizes in the evening for the young at heart.  It’s free to participate and have fun!

    Our unique White Elephant game starts in the evening and is one of the highlights of our events, so you don’t want to miss out .  You are required to bring a gift to participate in the White Elephant

    White Elephant Gift Rules:

    The White Elephant is a fun holiday game in which the purpose is to give a gift that seems on the surface like a fantastic and wonderful gift but comes with more strings then you may imagine and might even ultimately be pointless.  The game is based on the tradition of Kings giving White Elephants (who were a symbol of wealth) to those who earned their favor.  It was the highest honor you could receive but the White Elephant was impossible to care for unless you were incredibly wealthy and even then they were a hassle to keep.  That is the spirit of White Elephant gift giving. We always give a prize to the person who bring the gift that embodies this idea the most.  Now some important rules.

    1. No book, DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays or older similar media (cassettes, 8-track, laser-disc, etc.)
    2. No X-rated material
    3. No Food
    4. Between $10 – $25 in value
    5. You are welcome to be funny and a little crude, but remember we are still a family store.
    6. HAVE FUN

  • Street Fighter V Beta Event


    If you’re a fan of Street Fighter you know Capcom will be releasing Street Fighter V on the PS4 next year!  Play Again is excited to host a Street Fighter V Beta event this month for our fighting game community.  Come play Street Fighter V nearly a year before release and join our classic Super Street Fighter 2 tournament!  

    Update: Event begins at 5:30 P.M. on July 24th! SF2 Tournament Starts at 7:00 P.M. 

    Click here for details

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