All of our Events at the Play Again Classic Party Center are designed to let you custom build the party you want. Check out our list of add-ons for events so that you can take your party to the NEXT LEVEL!

Wii U + 115″ Projector

DSCF2298Purchase of the Wii U rental option will give you and your guests access to our 115” projector and use of 1 Wii U game with 4 wii remote controllers during your party. We will provide the console, game, controllers, and Mario Kart wheels (when applicable)  for you during your event. The physical Wii U Console and Gamepad controller are to be used by Party Center Staff Only.
We offer rentals of Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers Wii U, and Just Dance 3 or 4. Rental of Wii U and projector for your party can be added for a flat fee!


DSCF2328The Play Again Classic Party Center is proud to offer official hosted tournaments for Mario Kart 8
and Super Smash Brothers Wii U! Purchase of a tournament addition to your party includes use of the Wii U and Projector, a host to moderate your tournament during the event, and 1 customized event tournament bracket and trophy. The tournament host will recruit participants during the party, entertained the competitors, manage the tournament and Wii U system, and ensure that no matter how many entrants there are, the tournament rules and design will ensure a fun and memorable experience for all involved!


T.V. + Classic Gaming Console

For a  T.V. + Classic Gaming Console addition for your party, the Party Center will provide a table with one T.V., one classic gaming console of your choice, a selection of playable game options, and two/four controllers and chairs for you and your guests. This addition is perfect for those console only games that can’t be offered in our vast arcade library to complete even the most hardcore gamers perfect dream event.


Yes, the Play Again Classic Party Center does allow alcoholic beverages at our events! To add beer and wine, or beer, wine, and hard liquor to your party we can acquire permits for a processing fee for your event. In addition, you will be required to sign a waiver for us to keep on record. The Play Again Classic Party Center is not responsible for any alcohol related incidents or issues, any unlawful, irresponsible, or inappropriate behavior at our Party Center will not be tolerated.
If you do not purchase the addition of Alcohol to your event AND sign a waiver for our records, consumption or the presence of  alcohol will NOT be permitted during your event at any time.


DSCF2317For guests 5 years of age and younger, we do provide the option of renting either our large or small indoor inflatable bouncing castles. With an inflatable rental, the Party Center will ensure that your inflatable is fully pumped up for safety and ready to go by the start time of your event, and a soft shell padding will be placed at the entrance to the inflatable to protect children from the hard floor when getting in and out of the inflatable. No shoes are allowed inside of the inflatables. Only 3 children will be permitted to play on the inflatable at one time. The party center is not responsible or liable for monitoring or managing turn taking for children using the inflatables. Adult supervision is required.