Can I schedule my event to go longer than 2 hours?

Of course! Our last time slot of each day (6pm-8pm, or 7pm-9pm on Fridays) can be extended on a per hour basis until as late as 2am!

How do you have so many games with only 15 machines?

Several of our in house arcade machines are Multi-Cade Units. This means that they have an accessible menu and can be switched to play many different arcade games on just one machine.

Can I play a video, movie, or slideshow at my event?

Absolutely! Many of our guests want to play private media at their events. Just bring in a DVD or Blu Ray Disc and we can play it for you. For slideshows, all slides must be pre approved at least one week before your party by our staff and we will upload it to a USB key and play it over our projector or on a TV for you at your party.

Do you have any options for younger children?

The Party Center’s unique build your own party business design means that we have options for guests of any age. For our very young guests we have inflatable bounce houses available for rental. The children love them and they offer the parents a great place to keep their kids together to monitor for safety in our venue. We also have boxes and high stools available so the little ones can reach up and play the arcade games with the help of our staff or friends/adults at the party.

Am I allowed to bring my own food?

Yes! We will provide the tables for you to place your food on and you can bring in just about any food option as long as you have it cleared at least one week prior to your event by our staff. The only notable exception is food that requires power for heating or cooking or a need for extra fridge/ freezer space. Anything that would fall under this category would require the rental of our food room ($25.00) or our food room + half kitchen ($65.00) which comes equipped with extra storage space, a full refrigerator with freezer and a 3 tub sink.

Am I allowed to bring a pinata to my event?

Currently, we allow our customers to bring pull string pinatas only.

Can I bring in decorations, food, or supplies before my event for storage?
You can! If you absolutely need something to be stored overnight or on the day of your party just let us know in advance and we will make room to hold your things for you.

Is alcohol permitted at the Party Center?

Yes, check out our “Add to your Party” page for full details. We host all sorts of parties and can allow our guests to customize their events because every party is PRIVATE. No sharing with strangers, and flexible packages for our guests.